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YOU: the water for us to Grow

Please tell us how you see yourself, your company, or organization becoming agents of change and contributors to our effort
of “moving mountains” by writing the protocol of Community
Regeneration in Mt Parnonas. 

Please contact us so we can cooperate to make it happen.

Thank you         

Christiana D.Gardikiotis         


A Life Full of Purpose


Actually, although "cum+panis" really came from Latin

(bread + with), the original context is different:

Back into Roman time, those whom worked together, share the product of their work between themselves.

Thus they would share the "bread" (panis)

"with" (cum) each other.

Hence, the gathering of efforts towards a productive goal gained the name of cumpanis".

The space in between


In between the chaos

And things that you can see

Esxists the true potential

Of all of what can be


It is there you see connection

And paths of what is next

Where we start to see the patterns

Of what our life reflects


Look into the spaces

See what gets ignored

Or maybe find the secrets

And where they have been stored


So much filled with wonder

And so much left unseen

There is so much to discover

There in the space in between

                               by Robert Longley  


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